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Quick Look At Using Web 2.0 Sites For Marketing

Quick Look At Using Web 2.0 Sites For Marketing

Once you have your website created, you are ready to launch it onto the World Wide Web. Now, you have a great website that is just sitting there in cyberspace with no one looking at it. This is probably not the plan you had envisioned when you created your website. If you are like any other webmaster, you are going to want to see a huge amount of traffic to your website. If you have a product or service to offer, then you are going to want to see a ratio of traffic that converts to sales. This is just not going to happen until you do something to drive that traffic to your waiting website.

In the first chapter, I explained to you what the concept of Web 2.0 is. Now, I am going to discuss about site traffic and how to convert it into sales. So you are probably wondering what the correlation between the two is. One of the best ways to market your website is to utilize Web 2.0 websites.

There are various types of Web 2.0 websites on the World Wide Web. Each different type of site has its own marketing potential for your website. The following will give a brief overview of the different types of Web 2.0 sites and how you can use them for some marketing potential. We will get into a more in-depth understanding on how to use them further in this eBook, but for right now it is important to give you an outline that you can see. This way you can start to visualize a little more on what you will be doing when using Web 2.0 sites to market your very own website.

Blogs offer you a way to create teasers that make people interested in your website. Web 2.0 blogs are different from the traditional blogs. I will get into the details on that later. Right now, I want to give you an overview of what the blogs can do for you. Blogs allow you to add separate entries like an online diary for everyone to see. All you have to do is to create your entries to showcase your product or your service, and point them all back to your website. Your entries can showcase a product by talking about its features, how it is useful and why your readers would want it. If you are offering services, then talk about your service. Write about your experience in that field. Just make sure that no matter what your blog is about, you need to get their interest and you point them back to your website. Later on, I will show you how I have personally made blogs work for myself.

Social networking sites such as MySpace allow you to create a company profile or, if you are an individual, a personal profile about yourself. It is so much easier to land that sale or gain a new client for your services if people can see you more than just a company. While your website may tell about you in a business sense, social networking sites can let potential customers and clients see a personal side of you. Networking can drive traffic to your website which will result to more sales.

Social videos sites allow you to create and upload creative videos about your website or product to get more traffic to your website. These videos can be done in a variety of ways. The main point is to gain name recognition and product or service interest. With the ability for other users to leave comments, you will see how your video is being perceived by the public, which will help you in your marketing. Further on in this eBook, I will explain how to make this work for you as there are several ways that you can use social video submission sites. There are also different ways that you can create the videos.

When it comes to trying to dominate the Web 2.0 market, social bookmarking sites is my personal favorite. It requires so little marketing effort on your part and yet yield a nice return. We all want something out of a little effort, which is just human nature.

When you create an account on social bookmarking sites such Digg or StumbleUpon, you then have the freedom of bookmarking your website on their website. Once your website has been bookmarked, it is already there for everyone to see. It usually takes me about two minutes to sign in and bookmark a site on any of the social bookmarking sites. I put in very little effort, and yet the traffic I get from them has been fairly high. I will explain these as well later.

As you can see with the above outline, the purpose is that it allows other users on the website to get to know you, your product or service with teasers or a personal bio. You do not want to give it all away on one of these sites, because if you do, that they will not have any reason to visit your main website. Build up some hype and such and get them drooling so that they move from the Web 2.0 site that you are using and on to your website. Your website is going to be where you close the deal, so make sure your website is designed that way.

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