Sunday, November 27, 2011

Automatic Meta Tags Generator WordPress Plugin- Multi Keyword Statistics

Meta Tags are one of the most important part of On Page Optimization in SEO. A well optimized posts will get high ranking on search engine and bring you traffic. Spending time on just writing article is not engough, you will have to optimize it for search engines, so that it can bring you traffic. As you all know Thesis Theme is consider as one of the most Search Engine friendly and Optimized theme. Meta tags are one of the key feature of Thesis theme. That is why it is consider a SEO friendly theme. If your theme has no option for adding Meta Tags, you can use All In One SEO plugin, but for that you will have to manually generate Meta Tags for all posts.

Multi Keyword Statistics is a plugin that will automatically generate meta description and keywords for every post. However you will have to write the title manually. The plugin analyze your post and then generate meta keywords and description. Let me show you a screen shot of the plugin that how it analyzes your posts.

Automatic Meta Tags Generator WordPress Plugin- Multi Keyword Statistics

After analyzing the post it will automatically generate Meta Keywords and Meta Description, based on the statistics collected by the plugin.

The only disadvantage of the plugin is that the plugin will only generate meta tags for new articles. You will have to manually edit all the previous articles to generate meta tags for it.

How to Use Multi Keyword Statistics Plugin?

1. Download Multi Keyword Plugin, Install and activate.

2. A new panel will be added to your blog Dashboard on the name of “Multi Keyword Statistics”. From where you can configure the plugin.

Configure the plugin according to your requirement and start a new post. You will see two extra boxes added in Post Editor as shown in the above screen shots. The plugin works great for Multi Author Blogs. Let me know if you have any problem or want to share your thoughts about the plugin.

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