Monday, January 9, 2012

Do micro niche sites really work

 Recently there was a lot of chatter on different web forums about micro-niche sites. There was a time when micro-niche sites used to fetch hundreds of dollars per day if the webmaster put in some nominal SEO efforts to make those sites rank on search engines. The scenario has changed a bit now and it’s no longer as easy to make money out of micro niche sites as it used to be earlier. You can also read about the Importance of micro niche sites
Google other search engines have changed the way they look at sites. It’s no longer about keyword stuffed sites, but more about information rich sites. Today, if you really want to make some money out of micro niche sites, you need to make your site rank for some keywords (both long tail and short) by the developing authority on those niches.
A good way to start this would be to write 20 top notch articles on that niche and then post at least three articles every week. Once the website develops the required authority, the search engine optimization task would be much easier. Social bookmarking sites, directories and also organic links from other websites are actually required to help your site make some money out of advertisements (adsense,affiliate etc.).
Today, it all boils down to proper content, the correct niche and immaculate optimization of the site.
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