Monday, January 9, 2012

How to build a successful Amazon micro niche site

It’s not always peaches and creams for bloggers as far as money making his concerned. It is established that you need to have a micro-niche site in order to be able to make substantial amount of money through your blogging efforts. Building up a successful Amazon micro niche site could actually help you earn tons of money.  We already saw about How to build a successful affiliates micro-niche site. Just identify a couple of good micro niches from and start promoting these products on your blog. WordPress has a special plug-in called Amazon plug-in that can actually help bloggers create search engine optimized blogs on Amazon niche stores. Apart from the plug-in, you also need to actively participate in forums and social media websites to promote the products aggressively. Compared to other blogging platforms, WordPress works wonders as far as Amazon niche stores are concerned. The key to success here is search engine optimization and WordPress offers immense scope towards that.
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