Monday, January 9, 2012

How to choose a micro-niche site idea

There is no golden rule to help you choose a micro-niche site idea that could fetch you tons of money. We had already seen about the  Top five reasons to build micro-niche sites There are a lot of elaborate lists available on different websites but most of these lists would basically revolve around a particular set of keywords. There are some micro-niches that are all-time hits, but the list keeps changing every now and then and you need to keep yourself updated about the latest information. Just keep in mind that whatever niche you plan to start your website in has to be able to cater to a small audience who need immediate help about that topic. If the website is about Alzheimer’s disease, people would be more interested in seeing segments that talk about care giving to such patients. The basic idea is to dig deep and still deeper until you hit upon that particular segment which solves the basic problem related to that niche. The above example of Alzheimer’s disease just demonstrates that.

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