Monday, January 9, 2012

Getting started with micro-niche sites

The basic reason why you need a micro-niche site to make money is that the Internet is overcrowded with general websites trying to sell everything from binoculars to men’s apparels. To be successful in the micro-niche website business you need to first identify a couple of micro niches that are interesting to you and also have high CPC.  Hope you have already read our article on How to choose a micro-niche site idea and as a rule of thumb, there are no ready-made lists are available on the Internet and the ones that are available cannot be relied upon completely because the webmaster that created them would probably have done so to make money and not share information! Finance and loans have been all-time hits as far as micro-niche websites are concerned. Mortal diseases such as mesothelioma, asbestos cancer, lung cancer, prostate cancer and HIV are also some good niches that have high CPC keywords. The actual list is a dynamic one and changes from time to time. First identify your interest areas and then search on Google as to what would be the most high paying keywords in that particular micro-niche.
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