Monday, January 9, 2012

Why should you build micro-niche sites

To understand the above question you need to put yourself in the shoes of an advertiser and not a casual surfer. Given a choice, which one would you choose of the two – men’s apparel or prostate medication? The former topic would attract a large number of visitors, but then, it also has a highly competitive market. The latter however, would attract very few people but all those who come would be genuine customers. If you want to make money on the web, you need to “sell” information and not “share” information.  Got through our How to build a successful ad sense micro-niche site article. That is the reason why you should build micro-niche sites. The market might be smaller but all customers would be genuine – no window shoppers! Micro niche sites offer you the opportunity of interacting closely with a small set of customers and that builds up a long-lasting relationship. The legwork is also very less; you just need to do some thorough research during the initial days while identifying your niche. Once that is done you are good to go.
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