Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Increase SEO rankings with Article Marketing‏

Marketing encompasses almost any strategy which one thinks is fruitful in attracting costumer to the business. After all, if there are more customers to your business then only you can earn a good amount of profit and make yourself stable. This is one of the newest methods of marketing done under Search engine optimization services. And you make sure that your SEO expert does and provides you with this service so that your website experiences a huge traffic volume.

Generally we have short article on our website, which user reads for information. What article marketing does is to tag and link the article's few keywords to your website. This is called blueline or byline. The users can click upon it and are immediately redirected to your website for whole information. This way the clicks of your website increases. As long as the mass media and news are related they make the best use of this technology since generally this service is free. So they tag their articles so that the user may click to read the whole article. In turn they get paid by advertisers accordingly, like pay per click plan.

One of its variant is internet marketing where the advertisement is done through online article directories. Search engine optimization and article marketing have close kinship with each other. It is one of the best ways to improve traffic volume on your website. The SEO expert carefully tags the articles so that it might be easily seen by the costumer while searching it on a search engine website, and clicked by him or her in quest of more reading the article. Moreover it is also ethical to so, unlike blackhat SEO. It is also said that two URLs can be linked to the resource box, so that the first one is for the SEO benefit and the other is the full link that takes to the article.

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