Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Get Your Valuable SEO Report with Linkwheels‏

Traffic is the ultimate key when it comes to online profits. How can we execute this? Many platforms can be found in Google page which promises this form of service, unfortunately, virtually all of them do not yield you what they promise. Most of all, SEO Reportvisible in the pages is not actually that understandable. Furthermore, the results are really dissimilar.

Birth of Linkwheels in the Internet world is a rescue to this form of problem. Through enhancing, harnessing and utilizing the power of Web 2.0 properties such as the Hubpages, Wordpress, Blogspot, and many other of the outstanding sites, they are able to rank themselves in the first page or in the second page of Google. It is with the help of the Linkwheel model, which literally link your pages through and through targeted users. Using this method can stimulate more traffic to your site. As a result, more money is generated and can likewise provide a valuable SEO Report.

The problem lies on the high volume of technicality and the promotion of website. We wish an easy - create, post an article, and retire from your day job - business concept, but tend to be frustrated at the end, not to acknowledgment unrealized promises of other service providers. We should accept that there are things which are beyond our expertise. Hence, Linkwheel has a solution. They provide packages that suit your needs. The standard bundle consists:

1. A 300-350 word article will be written and will be used as a subject on your web 20 platforms so that an over content creation labor will not be done.

2. The articles written will be spun with the uniqueness of 30% which are keyword rich while passing all Google replicate content filters.

3. In accordance with the Link Wheel strategy, your Web 2.0 properties will be joined in a "Wheel" while having each property, or "Spoke" linking up to your Central Hub using anchor text you specify to funnel Google link juice and traffic. But we will leave the last spoke unfold to prevent Google from putting the pieces unitedly.

4. The FEEDS of your properties and content will be submitted to RSS Feeds Submission Sites so that your content will be set up for syndication across the net.

5. PING your FEEDS to 18-96 PING SERVICES which will immediately notify search engines that your content is hot for indexing.

With the assistance of the solutions above, Linkwheel will provide you, the subscriber, SEO Report, whereby it is easily understandable than other service providers. This report will help you conceptualize how Linkwheel do the workings for you, so you do not have to worry on the major promotion view of your site. However, promoting your website according to your design is still recommended. They have different packages to choose from:

1. The Platinum package ($97) containing 66 spokes and 324 number of other links
2. The Gold package ($47) containing 22 spokes and 108 number of other links
3. Silver Bundle ($37) with 15 spokes and 42 number other links

Order at once and have SEO Report you ever wanted and a service that guarantees feasible results and customer satisfaction.

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