Saturday, November 19, 2011

How Black Hat SEO Can Destroy Your Business

A black hat SEO is an unfair way for a person to get their website to emerge higher on search engines. These blackhat SEO's will usually reflect the following characteristics.

First of all and most essential, it breaks the search engine rules and regulations. Second it will create a bad user exposure. Finally it will unprofessionally present content, both visually and non visually to the search engine web crawlers.

Black hat SEO's at one time were legal but after too many people began to abuse it and therefore it became objected on by Search engines. Now if you are caught using Black Hat tricks it may be a short term answer to a problem but it will also get you penalized from the search engine.

These penalties for using a black hat SEO can be harsh and include but not limited to banning from all search engines. There are ways to avoid creating a black hat website and followed correctly, will save you a lot of misery in the future.

1. Be mindful to not stuff your keywords
-applying a lot of keywords in your site and nothing else will get you in difficulty with the search engines. You must to learn how to position your keywords properly to avert this. If you pad your articles with a lot of keywords it will increase your chances of ranking higher on the search engine but only temporarily.

2. Keep away from using invisible text
-undetectable text consists of putting keywords into your site in white with a white background. This invisible text is concealed from the buyer but will lure the web spiders to grade your search engine higher. This is not a good method as it results in a black hat SEO and will get you banned from the search engines.

3. Do not use doorway pages
-A doorway page is nothing more than a fake page that is used to seduce the web spider bots. The customers themselves will never see this page. This doorway will deceive the web crawler to rank your business higher but once again, this will only be temporary.

As you just read black hat SEO's do sound alluring but a person must know the consequences from using them which can be very bitter. They only help you temporarily but will cause you bigger problems for a long time to come. They will help you get higher rankings in the search engines but they are very unethical.

If you want to run a legitimate business you need to avoid black hat SEO's because they will corrupt your company in the long run. Run your business right and do not fall into the unethical practice of running a black hat SEO website.

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