Thursday, November 3, 2011

Wordpress Tags From An SEO Perspective

Hey early Monday morning people. There's been some news lately with BING using keywords as a spam indicator and a while back I stopped using tags in my posts or pages etc. I don't know about you but did you stop using the tags features in Wordpress too?

We all have clients that think the tags option on Wordpress are the be all end all to SEO. They haven't and probably will never read the latest and even last years news on SEO and keywords in particular. So, in Wordpress, they sometimes add 10 or 20 tags to their post.

Of course as you know, in some themes Wordpress displays those posts and links to other pages - the tag archives. If there's one post and 20 tags for that post, you'll have twenty links pointed at 20 tag archive pages all containing the same content. I don't like it.

How do you convince a client their usage of tags is actually/possibly hurting their SEO efforts without showing them articles by "who's that??" indicating the changes to keyword usage? How do you do so knowing they're talking to an "SEO" who also hasn't heard the news?

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